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    Easter Games and Activities

    European Egg Games

    Shackling, Conking and Dumping involve the knocking of hard-boiled eggs against one another to see whose will smash first.

    In England the children go around collecting eggs for egg games such as Shackling knocking one egg against another to determine the stongest and rolling eggs down slopes. These games are usually played on Easter Monday.

    Egg Rolling is another game that was traditionally played where people would deliberately roll their eggs into one another, nowadays the eggs are usually just rolled down slopes for fun and then eaten with oranges when they are broken.

    Egg rolling is a traditional Easter custom that is still practised in the northern part of England. It usually takes place on Easter Sunday or Monday. People roll hard-boiled colored eggs down hills until they are cracked after which they are eaten. Sometimes this is a competitive game, the winner being the player whose egg remains undamaged for the contest, but is mostly played for fun.

    In Yugoslavia, the Ukraine and Russia, eggs are rolled down a tilted board. If a player rolls an egg down the board so that it collides with an egg on the ground at the end of the board, that player collects both eggs.

    Conkers is game where the aim is to crack your opponent's egg by knocking it with your own.

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