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    Easter Games and Activities

    Egg Cracking

    In Lebanon children take their egg cracking games very seriously. They test the eggs first by knocking them against their eye tooth, and then they choose the best egg to use for the contest. The contestants must agree beforehand on how much of their eggs will be covered by their hands as revealing a large part of your egg's shell is much more risky. The games begins with the contestants trying to crack the pointed ends of each other's eggs. The person who loses must then turn his or her egg upside down. If you carck both ends of someone's egg, then you win the egg.

    In the Netherlands the older children have eiertikken or egg cracking contests.

    In Zurich children carrying Easter eggs meet in the square where a contest is held to find the hardest egg. Some dye their eggs, others leave them plain. One contestant holds the egg with the end pointed and waits while the opposing contestant attempts to crack it with the pointed end of another egg. Then the positions are reversed while the contestants test the flat ends of the eggs. The winner takes the egg which has both ends cracked.

    Another game is played with coins and eggs. This is called Eiertutshen. A coin is thrown at the egg in order to break it. If the coin does not stick in the egg, the money is lost. If it does, the thrower wins the egg. Some children swap eggs to find the ones with the hardest ends.

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